Wedding Dance Tuition

Worcester Dance Centre is pleased to offer Wedding Dance tuition, i.e. private lessons which will help you and your spouse-to-be learn a dance specifically for your Big Day!

Make your first dance as Man and Wife the dance you and your guests will remember forever.

Don’t know where to start? What dance? Which music?

Relax, there is no need to worry. Whether you choose your special song, or ask us for ideas, we will choreograph your dance to suit your personality and ability.

Maybe a traditional slow dance with simple but effective moves or a sexy salsa with dips and lifts to wow the crowd. Whatever you choose, you will enter your reception with confidence and look and feel fantastic.

If you have any questions, please see the FAQs page, then contact us to arrange your stress-free tuition at a time to suit your schedule and make your Wedding Dance the dance of your life.


Andrea and Alan Pickering

Andrea and Alan's Wedding DanceWith Sharon's advice, we chose to do a sexy rhumba, partly due to the small size of the dance floor. It also meant that we could practice the routine in our lounge which was a bonus. During our tuition, Sharon created a routine where she made sure that we were facing our guests at the right angle and tailored it to fit the length of music perfectly.

Once we had the steps sorted, we worked on our arms which really finished the dance off. Our guests really loved the dance, especially some of the moves and I think we impressed quite a few who were expecting the usual two step smooch.

We got a huge round of applause when we finished in our closing pose and it made a great start to the rest of the evening."